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Let me tell you a story...

Let me tell you a story of two men that had a vision. It won't take long, put that cuban to rest and the sotch on a coaster. Also the Bond soundtrack in the background can be turned down a notch or two. Fine, one last sip. Welcome to a world where contemporary designs are woven with the finest silk to take on a timeless classic .

Where the flare and elegance of most liveable city in the world is richly imbedded into the ties themselves. The two gentlemen set out to create something that would challenge the normal menswear conventions. Something that would be fun and stylish yet on trend within todays fashion landscape.

The concepts quickly snowballed into reality. With signs of affirmation coming from the first touches of the silk under their hands. For Geezer is not just about ties, it's an attitude. It's a style. One must be confident in what one wears. So that making people listen to your story without having to say a word becomes second nature rather than a task. 

So over the coming weeks journey with me as I  unlock the hidden stories behind the Geezer ties.  Traveling to the locations that helped shape the silk creations we see today. From sunny St Kilda to Rustic Russell street. Be inspired by the love, passion and dedication on which these ties are made. While also learning tips, tricks and styling advice from some of Australia's best menswear influencers.

Shop the looks whilst being educated on the range. Style is something completely unique, something completely personal. Set out inspire welcome to geezer Melbourne.

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